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Nov 7th Webinar: Sales Selection Best Practices

22nd October, 2018 - Blog

If recruiting great Sales People is a priority for you, then our webinar on November 7th which focuses on ‘Sales Selection Best Practices’ will be of great interest to you. Hosted by Dave Kurlan, OMG, the live presentation will focus on: The Role of Benchmarking…

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6 Hidden Weaknesses that Limit Sales Results

28th February, 2017 - Blog

Do you know the 6 hidden weaknesses that have a huge impact on a salesperson’s ability to: –  Effectively execute their sales process –  Qualify their opportunities effectively –  Close the sale Most companies fail to generate all of the possible revenue. While some do…

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Closing the Sale: How to Close Anything and Everything in Any Vertical

31st January, 2017 - Blog

  I was listening to CNN on Satellite Radio and in between rants about the immigration ban, protests, the federal judge who issued a stay and Trump’s first weeks’ worth of executive orders, an advertisement came on promoting “How to Close Anything and Everything, no matter…

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Does Bashing Your Competition Ever Work?

1st November, 2016 - Blog

The circus will be coming to an end in just under 1 week.  Everyone has seen at least some of the show and some have seen the entire production, including reruns, reviews, commentary and highlight videos.  In the past 60 days I’m certain that even if you…

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Top 12 Hiring Mistakes

28th September, 2016 - Blog

‘Hire Winners, Not Wasters”  The Top 12 Reasons We Make Mistakes Hiring Salespeople. Companies often hire salespeople because they are simply refilling a vacancy or have a desire to increase sales and adding sales headcount seems the logical thing to do. However, firstly companies should…

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Top 10 Reasons Why Sales Don’t Grow

30th August, 2016 - Blog

Have any of these things ever happened to you? Physical issues – low energy, prolonged pain or discomfort Automobile issues – vibration under the seat or in the steering wheel, car accident Home issues – leaks, faulty electrical, down trees or power lines from storm…

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11 Ways You Can Quickly Increase Sales, Revenue and Profit

15th July, 2016 - Blog

This is a great post by Dave Kurlan, OMG on how to increase sales quickly and what to watch out for… “Empirical evidence shows that you get at least four times the market value for a dollar of profit that comes from revenue growth versus a…

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June 7th Webinar: OMG Sales Candidate Assessment

24th May, 2016 - Blog

Have you ever hired a salesperson that didn’t work out, even though you were sure they would?  Or do you need stronger salespeople to combat how difficult selling has become in 2016? If you answered yes, then this Webinar will provide you with the information…

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Can you name 10 Core Competencies of a great salesperson?

21st March, 2016 - Blog

Let’s see, there’s prospecting, qualifying and closing and then there’s….wow, this is difficult! For the past 20 years, every Objective Management Group (OMG) sales force evaluation and sales candidate assessment has been tied to 21 Sales Core Competencies. We constantly improve, update, enhance and perfect…

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Using personality or psychometric testing? This might be an interesting read.

23rd February, 2016 - Blog

Most people have little sense as to how sales candidate assessments compare to each other so here’s a great comparison of Sales Specific Candidate assessments V’s generic PI assessments. Like most behavioral styles assessments, there is very little that actually has to do with selling…

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