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21 Core Competencies  Table

Can you name 10 Core Competencies of a great salesperson?

21st March, 2016 - Blog

Let’s see, there’s prospecting, qualifying and closing and then there’s….wow, this is difficult! For the past 20 years, every Objective Management Group (OMG) sales force evaluation and sales candidate assessment has been tied to 21 Sales Core Competencies. We constantly improve, update, enhance and perfect…

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Using personality or psychometric testing? This might be an interesting read.

23rd February, 2016 - Blog

Most people have little sense as to how sales candidate assessments compare to each other so here’s a great comparison of Sales Specific Candidate assessments V’s generic PI assessments. Like most behavioral styles assessments, there is very little that actually has to do with selling…

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How we discovered they had the wrong salespeople

4th February, 2016 - Blog

Are your sales people in the right role? What’s the difference between their desire and their commitment? Another great article by Dave Kurlan on Sales Force Evaluations and understanding your sales team. Some findings…. 21% will hunt for new business without being asked. 30% would…

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Sales Infographic Image1

How do you recruit great sales people?

10th September, 2015 - Blog

How do you recruit great sales people?  Are you still using the traditional method of reviewing 50 CV’s, calling 10 candidates, interviewing 5 and then crossing your fingers in the hope that you’ve chosen the right one? Imagine having a sales specific tool that would allow…

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Salespeople as closers

Salespeople as Closers and other Great Myths

12th June, 2015 - Blog

Dave Kurlan has come up with another great top 10 list. This time it’s his view on Salespeople’s beliefs V’s reality. Click through to read some of my favourites. Full article available here

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Sales Force Excellence

The Modern Science Behind Sales Force Excellence

14th May, 2015 - Blog

The Modern Science Behind Sales Force Excellence is an excellent report on Sales Force practices in Companies large and small, with and without traditional Sales Forces and is applicable to all Sales Leaders, HR Professionals or Senior Executives. Dave Kurlan looks at companies with sales forces between 6 and 1,000 across 200 industries and at companies with teams selling…

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Grow Sales Stats Infographic

Sales Stats: Infographic

20th March, 2015 - Blog

Some scary Statistics on how some Sales Organisations really operate!

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Hiring Good Sales People in the year ahead?

1st March, 2015 - Blog

This is another great article by Dave Kurlan, OMG on the issues around recruiting Sales People and how easy it is to get it wrong.   Do you know when your car is not running properly? It’s usually quite obvious. Lighting is very obvious too. How…

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Euro Bag 2

Compensating your Sales Team and Stupid Human Tricks

1st February, 2015 - Blog

Dave Kurlan OMG on the mistakes people make with Sales Compensation.  OK, so we’ll begin with something more along the lines of stupid pet tricks before we get to stupid human tricks. There is a great TED talk about two monkeys that were unfairly compensated. This…

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