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June 7th Webinar: OMG Sales Candidate Assessment

24th May, 2016 - Blog -

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Have you ever hired a salesperson that didn’t work out, even though you were sure they would? 

Or do you need stronger salespeople to combat how difficult selling has become in 2016?

If you answered yes, then this Webinar will provide you with the information to help you identify and select the right salespeople for your business.


Our LIVE webinar will be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 4pm GMT


This 45 minute webinar will be hosted by Dave Kurlan, Founder and CEO of Objective Management Group. Dave will lead you through a compelling session on how OMG’s Sales Candidate Assessment will put your sales hiring problems in the rear view mirror.

If you are interested in this webinar but can’t make it at this time, just let me know and I’ll send you the link to the recording after the event. david@growsales.net