Let’s see, there’s prospecting, qualifying and closing and then there’s….wow, this is difficult!

For the past 20 years, every Objective Management Group (OMG) sales force evaluation and sales candidate assessment has been tied to 21 Sales Core Competencies. We constantly improve, update, enhance and perfect the science of evaluating current sales teams and new candidates.


21 Core Competencies for Modern Selling

21 Core Competencies Table
Each competency is populated by several or more attributes. The biggest changes since our original set of 21 Core Competencies in 1994, are the addition of categories that complement our dashboards as well as the inclusion of Sales Posturing and Social Selling.

It’s worth noting that social selling skills are one of the attributes of Hunting (the ability to find new opportunities) but mastery of the various social selling tools themselves is now a competency.

I’m sure this will cause outrage and debate from those who so strongly promote social selling, but when you look at an entire sales cycle, social selling takes place PRIOR to a first call or meeting, before we can consider whether or not to enter an opportunity into the funnel or pipeline. In its essence, social selling is really a component of marketing for which many more salespeople are now taking individual responsibility. They are marketing themselves. Taken from Dave Kurlan, OMG Blog